Fail Better Talks


It’s daring to take risks in design, and talking about them when it all goes pear-shaped is even more ballsy. In an effort

to de-stigmatise failure in the creative industries, three friends and I founded Fail Better: a monthly talk series that celebrates all things imperfect. We all make mistakes, so why not learn from each others blunders?


Hosted at various locations around London, our talks are a platform for gutsy graduates, tutors and professional creatives to spill the beans on the worst work they’ve ever created. So far, our events have featured the setbacks, clangers, flops and downright design disasters of over 25 speakers, including Anthony Burrill, Craig Oldham, Sarah Boris, Paul Mellor as well as designers from Google, the BBC, the National Theatre and Penguin Books.


Photography by Stefon Grant and Amber Muir




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