AUB Library Globe



To design a portrait of the university campus by recreating the data systems

of your surroundings within a set of synthesised visual systems.



The AUB Library Globe is a 3D infographic representing all books taken into and out of the library on the 6th of October at the Arts University of Bournemouth.

The globe is made up of 4 semicircular books and each page represents a minute of the day: the blank pages are the minutes in which no books were taken out and the coloured pages are the colour of the category that the book taken out belongs to. The time has been laser cut onto every coloured page, along with either an “In” or an “Out”, depending on whether the book was being taken away or brought back to the library.


Project made in collaboration with: Will Clempson, Sophie Jade, Luka Nikcevic

and Sam Tillen.





© Etty Flynn 2018